Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wood Flooring, Never Boring

Today when I stepped through the main door, to my surprise, the timber flooring is taking in the air, climatising (as what the flooring folks would say). Gorgeous! Breathtaking. The Amazonian Birch flooring against the grey walls, they make such a beautiful contrast. Such a vast difference in the living room before the renovation (orange walls and darker brown flooring). The new flooring makes the living room look instantly bigger.

The bedrooms are in White Oak which looks not as yellow as the living room.  I can't wait for the actual colour of the bedrooms to be up, so that we can select the bedroom curtains more accurately. I already know what I want, just want to make sure that the shade is right.

I loaned from Design Intervention one of their fabric sample books to match the living room curtains. I was after a mustard yellow and I think this is a good match. I shan't give away too much of the look. Stay tuned and watch this space!
Our living room with the Amazonian Birch flooring not sanded, skirted or varnished yet.
Another view of my living room
The bedroom flooring.
The mustard yellow fabric sample against the grey wall and birch flooring. Perfect.

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