Monday, August 25, 2008

Could You, Should You, Wood You?

Many environmentalists think that wood flooring is destructive for our eco system. Many of the trees that are logged, are old trees which do not help to conserve forests. Bamboo is the more green choice as they renew themselves at a much faster rate (it is a grass and it grows quickly; Bamboo can be harvested in 3 years compared to Oak, which takes 120 years to reach maturity). For those who don't like the grains or colour of bamboo, there is also eco-timber which comes from self-generating forest eco-systems. That would be the more ideal choice for timber flooring, especially if you are after oaks, walnuts, rosewood, etc.

I am ashamed to say and also sad that my wood flooring is not eco-timber. In Singapore, other than bamboo, eco-timber is not available here. Unfortunately, I don't like bamboo flooring. The closest I got to being green was by making sure that my sealant is green labeled. It is water based and doesn't pollute the air. 

White oak pieces for the bedrooms.
The stash.
Part of our master bedroom laid.
The white oak flooring with the ply wood underneath.
A little yellow because of the lighting but this is American Birch for our living room in contrast to the tiled curb under our main door.

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