Monday, July 27, 2009

Carolyn Quartermaine

If you love fabrics and vintage esthetics, Carolyn Quartermaine is for you. I love her water coloured like stained fabrics. She has created collections for Baccarat, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, art installations, and also for private homes. Her current projects include Hotel Delos, Bluebird London and Chateau de Beloeil.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogspot Problem.

Please be patient with me. I've been trying to sort out the problem
I've been having with blogspot. I can't seem to see the fields or
options properly. Meanwhile, I will be looking for alternate ways to
post the blogs up. Have a great weekend.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I think this whole concept of grazing is rather cool. Graze comes in a little box with fresh fruit in the big punnet, mixes like olives, fruit, nut and seed mixes or their special 2 a day mixes in the medium punnet and in the small punnet, there are dried fruits, nuts or natural treats (yoghurt coated raisins, chocolate coated raisins, etc). Each box costs GBP 2.49 inclusive of delivery.

According to them, grazing can keep your blood sugar level in check, boost your immunity and helps you lose weight. With such a low price for natural goodness that comes packed in a box, it's a pity that they don't deliver it overseas.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Roost, UK.

Garden rooms are great to add that extra space within your lovely estate or landscaped grounds. It is like a little hideaway from your home to be inspired by nature, a guesthouse, game room or even as a home office. I love the little pods designed by Roost. I can't decide which I love best. They are all so unique. All of them comes with an option for sedum grass live matting roof instead of membrane rubber. The structures are made of SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panels) with high thermal efficiency which reduces energy consumption significantly and gives good sound insulation.

The R1 comes with built in furniture. The sofa and ottoman can be pushed together to form a double bed but it has no bathroom. Maybe you can install your own garden shower but run back for the toilet. This is their signature pod.

The R2 has options for a kitchenette, shower, w.c, basin and storage unit. This one is definitely more modular and you can use it as a guest house.

The R3 is their latest offering. It is an open space which you can decide what you want to do with it. Its slanted roof resembles "stealth" technology which makes aeroplanes, boats and ships virtually undetectable by radar.




Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food that I Miss.

Just thinking about food that I miss. Some were favourites at one stage of my life and others almost forgotten.

Lobster Bisque. I love how rich the soup tastes and the generous drizzle of cream and chunky lobster meat. This used to be in every western restaurant menu in the 80s, nowadays, you'll only find it in the more classy establishments.

Swiss Fondue. Swiss restaurants used to be quite the thing. The popular and good ones were the Swiss restaurant at the defunct Equatorial hotel in the '80s and 90's and Movenpick when it was a restaurant at the basement of Scotts Shopping centre.

Roasted Beef on a Carvery. This would usually be my choice. I love beef in any form; steaks, roasts, or even stew. I used to remember fondly that carvery was popular in the past and to have the lovely pink meat presented to you before carving (for your nod of approval) made me feel special. I don't approve of Lawry's by the way, especially when I feel that I make a better roast than them.

Carpetbag Steak. Some say that this is an Australian dish, others say it came form America. It doesn't matter. This steak stuffed with succulent oysters with a dash of worcester sauce, that made it delicious. It's rarely seen on menus nowadays.

Lemon Curd. This can really kick up an appetite. Creamy, smooth and zesty. This goes great on shortbread cookies, on pancakes, in a tart or even on its own.

Bombe Alaska. I loved meringue as a kid. What made this dessert so special was the fact that it is the combination of everything fantastic and dramatic. Usually presented as though it were a cloud on fire, and after the fire has died down, you'll find italian meringue, ice-cream and cake altogether. Everything a child would ever want.

Crepe Suzette. Love the combination of soft, thin crepes, with orange and brandy. It never fails to impress and provoke the senses with it's heady orange and lemon sauce.

Floating Islands. Italian meringue sitting on a pool of custard sauce. Heavenly. It's so simple, yet it always makes me fall in love with it over and over again. Another dish that has seemed to disappear from our menus.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mama Shelter, Paris.

Love Love Love Mama Shelter. I love it's sense of quirkiness and mischief. This former garage located on East Paris was lovingly transformed by Philippe Starck. Rooms are simple yet modern complete with iMac televisions, dark carpets with scribbling and bathrooms stocked with Kiehls. The rooms have just the right amount of edge (check the mask lamps out) and comfort to settle the most restless soul. The hotel has a cocktail bar and restaurant serving traditional French fare.

It's no surprise that they have won Wallpaper* and Fortune magazines' Best Business Hotel of 2009. Their prices start at EUR89 for a double room, and that is cheap for a night in such a lovely hotel especially in Paris; not forgetting that the owners of the hotel are the co-owners of Club Med.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

ici et la.

I love antiques, all kinds of antiques. They add character to a space and a little nostalgia. Ici Et La in Australia is stocked full of European antiques. Besides the usual antique furniture, the sell the odd items like speakers, linen napkins, upholstery, flatware, and even an old set of shutters.

I am an absolute fan of reusing old furniture. I think that beautiful things are made to live a few lives with many people. The older they get, the more stories they tell (from their surfaces, colour or condition). It is almost like sharing your joy with someone else. Moreover, this is definitely environmentally friendly. It reduces your carbon footprint because you are not manufacturing a new piece and also not having it thrown away as waste.

Our earth is dying, we need to preserve it for our future by having a "green" conscience.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Marian Drew.

As promised, the photos by photographer Marian Drew from Australia. She takes inspirations from old still life paintings. The animals which she uses are victims of human habitation. Some are road kills, or killed by power lines, etc. She uses native animals, fruits and flowers from Australia in her photographs. I love the way she presents her point of view of how opulent our lives are (in her style of photography, beautiful table linens and ceramics) and at the expense of another's life.

It is almost morbid and artistic at the same time; transcending grief and beauty that is heartbreaking.