Monday, August 4, 2008

Receiving Tiles and Selling Metal

Monday blues? No siree! Never at Strathmore Avenue. Even though the hacking work has been completed within a day (instead of the scheduled 2 days), there is no rest for the weary workers or the over-enthusiastic me.

Today happens to be one of those days that Yaw Chong (Sean) and I decided to have a lunch date. Mind you, we don't do this very often, just once in a while, unplanned to add that element of the unexpectedness to our mundane work life. As our new home happens to be really near his work place, we decided to go over and store another box. When we got there, drenched in the morning's rain, were two pallets of tiles wrapped in what seemed like cling wrap, basking in the the glorious noon sun. It was beautiful. There was an air of satisfaction. The poor boy had spent the last few months studying tiles like as if it were his final exam and graduation was dependent on whether he could tell them apart or mix and match them the best. All I can say is the boy did well. if not, excellent with a star. The pictures are a proof of it.

Ever felt like a canary in a cage? I suppose that's why I don't like window grills. I've been told many a times that they are great for parents with kids. Keeps the kids safe. I reckon they are great for parents with kids, who have no time to teach them not to climb. I am an optimist. If they climb and fall, one less mouth to feed, one less to save for, and one more grand voyage for mummy and daddy. Think about the insurance we might be claiming! Seriously, I think when they are old enough to understand death, i'll give them a water balloon each for a "baby" and let them father or mother it around for an hour or so (that is really long in kiddy time) and then throw it out of the window and let it splatter. Then I'll tell him/her that is what happens when you don't listen and climb windows. That should solve the grill-less window and disobedient children problem. Window grills are hideous, no one should be allowed to manufacture them. They kill the aesthetics of the apartment and the reason why they need to go. Being a tree hugger and green bag toting individual, I decided to call a scrap metal company to sell the grills, our used cooper pipes and metal parts (kitchen cabinet baskets, exhaust, bamboo pole rests, etc). Instead of paying some folks to dismantle them and "throw" them away (bet they sell them too), I might as well broker my own sale and earn a little from this. The amount we made... I shan't give it away for the sake of leaving some mystery behind. Let's just say, we could take 2 others and ourselves to a nice fancy lunch at Au Petit Salut and there would still be spare change to tip the waiter. Go figure that. *wink*

The cement that arrived today.
The tiles sitting in their corner, resting.
Kitchen splash back tiles.
The common bathroom wall tiles.
The bathroom floor tiles. (left for the master, right for the common)
The sand in the living room. (notice the windows without grills)
Francis, removing the aluminum bamboo pole rests.

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