Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Legle de Limoges.

Why are these collectables? It is because these are made by little ateliers in Limoges, France and the colours are hand mixed and applied by hand. As the colours are hand mixed, different batches may differ in colours or shades, making them terribly unique and a challenge to get an entire tea set of the same colour or shade. Sometimes, a certain atelier would just make a certain coloured tea cup but another may make the teapot, etc. It is terribly random.

However, the quality of these porcelain is exceptional. Some compare them to the Chinese porcelain with that slightly translucent quality. 

Where to buy them?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Planning Beijing.

Next week, we are off to Beijing. Part work, part play for me but all fun for Sean. I've been given the unofficial task of planning the itinerary and from what lonely planet is feeding me with, this is going to be a fun trip. Some of the things, which would be fun to do, cycle in the streets of Beijing, visit the cultural spots, watch the flag raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square, watch a Peking opera at Prince Gong's Mansion, have drinks at GuanJing Bar which overlooks the Forbidden City and eat Peking Duck. This will be a fun week with my mad cap colleagues and adoring husband (who decided to make the trip.) 

One thing on my agenda before I go, brush up on my Mandarin.

Cycling around Beijing.

Flag raising at Tiananmen Square.

Prince Gong's Mansion, the mansion that inspired the famous Chinese literature, "Dream of the Red Chamber".

The ruins at the Old Summer Palace which was liken to be the Versailles of the East.

The surviving bridge at the Old Summer Palace.

The marble boat that Cixi commissioned at the Summer Palace.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lanvin's Piece De Resistance.

The most wicked pair of shoes of this season.

Another Cupcake Picture.

Love this picture of it. So tempting.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vanilla Cupcakes.

These cupcakes are the most scrumptious! My best recipe yet. They look fantastic too. I made a batch yesterday and it's all gone. Anyone who wants me to bake some, do let me know. I'd be more than happy to do so at a small cost.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Etro S/S 2009.

Do you every feel as though inside you, there's someone else who is dying to express herself ? I sure do. I have a bohemian chick in me who is dying to be carefree and wild; to live life like a gypsy and move from city to city, working to save and pay for the next air-ticket to another city. Unfortunately, this bohemian chic chick loves Etro, (that's why she needs to keep her job). 

Their spring-summer offerings are irresistibly rich in colour, print (Paisley, of course) and texture. Long flowing silk pants and dresses. So divine. It's sure to cause a certain plastic meltdown!

Pork Ribs with Homemade Barbeque Sauce.

This is definitely one of my husband's favourite home cooked dishes. It made it to his top ten chart. It's pork ribs with my special homemade barbeque sauce and for today, he has buttered carrots and corn on cob as its accompaniment. How does home made barbeque sauce differ from the commercial ones? It taste more tangy and less sugary. 


Monday, March 23, 2009

On 23rd of March, I Felt like Wearing...

If you had everything in your wardrobe, what would you be wearing today? Although today is a working day, but I have not gotten Sunday out of my system. Hence this would be my fantasy outfit for today. No prizes for guessing what I would be in the mood to do and it is definitely not in relation to work.

Eley Kishimoto Single Georgette Bustle Dress.

The back of the Dress.

Chloe Sally Shoulder bag in Dark Purple.

Pierre Hermes peep toe Heels.

Cartier Balloon Bleu in Yellow Gold.

Pomellato Narcisco Necklace in Gold.

Pomellato Pin Up Rings (my choice would be the one on the top right).

Vintage Tiffany and Co. Lotus Flower Brooch.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guest Room New Addition.

Presenting to you the new addition to the guest room, a console table from I Wanna Go Home. Think it fits in quite beautifully. Now our guests have a place to put their laptops to work on them or use as a dressing table. The only thing to do is the tablescape. I will update the additions as they come.

The Agrarian Kitchen.

Wished I had the courage like Rodney Dunn to leave the maddening world behind and retreat into the country to live off the fat of the land. Then again, in Singapore, there's hardly any countryside to speak of.

Rodney Dunn was the Australian Gourmet Traveller's food editor until in 2007, he had decided to leave his test kitchen in Sydney for a 19th century schoolhouse at Lachlan, Tasmania. After a year odd of hard work toiling in his farm, The Agrarian Kitchen opened to public in late 2008. It is to be a cooking school in a league of its own.  His garden is full of heirloom fruits and vegetables besides geese, wessex pigs and other livestock. Those who come for his classes start by pulling out ingredients from the garden.  Classes range from the Agrarian Experience to the Whole Hog (yup, you heard it right). How much will this experience cost you? Anything from AUD$275 to AUD $600.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chocolate Research Facility.

Is Chocolate Research Facility a another feather in Chris Lee of Asylum's cap? Yes, without a doubt. Is it serious about it's chocolate? With a hundred odd flavours, I am inclined to say yes. How about if it is in the league of Michel Cluizel or Amedei or Chocolat Chapon? I'm sorry to say it isn't.

However, the delightful interiors and design of the packaging of the chocolate, is sure enough to draw anyone to the shop. This must be the modern day version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate shop. Where is it located? Millenia Walk, shop #01-30.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alexander McQueen's Oyster Dress.

I'm not much of a fan of the big dresses, hence I refused to wear one for my wedding. However, I do love the Alexander McQueen's Oyster dress from his Spring/Summer 2003 collection. I've always been a fan of Alexander McQueen. His work never fails to inspire courage in me to be different and define myself. 

Anyway I thought I'd share the images of the dress with you. I hear that it was purchased by the Gould Family Foundation and donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in memory of Jane Copeland.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekday Breakfast at Strathmore Ave.

How are most mornings like at the Yeo residence? It usually starts with me making breakfast for my husband. I love cooking and the aroma of breakfast is often very arousing (especially the smell of freshly brewed coffee). Wonder what we have for breakfast? Here are some of our last few breakfasts that we had.

Grilling the Bananas to go with his french toast.

Making french toast.

The coffee machine on standby.

Freshly made French Toast.

Beef Pot Pie.

This morning's omelette with bacon, mushrooms, salsa and a hint of white truffle oil.