Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tripod Floor Lamps.

I love the raw look of a tripod especially when it is finished in wood. Personally, it adds character to an object and creates a different feel. I thought why not feature a small posting on tripod floor lamps.

This is a fabulous idea on how to recycle your old tripod stand; have red electrical wires, attach it to a lamp holder and put on a nice lamp shade. Viola! An exclusive tripod floor lamp which is bound to be complimented on.

This is an actual home made tripod stand lamp. I think it looks fabulous.

Photographer's Tripod Floor Lamp from Pottery Barn.

Tripod Pharmacy Lamp by Gump's. This looks like a French Industrial Lamp but bigger.

Tripod Lamp in White by BDDW.

The Black version of the Tripod Lamp from BDDW.

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Jessica said...

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