Sunday, March 1, 2009

Plaster Ceiling Roses.

I suppose it is human nature to hardly look up. How often do we raise our heads to admire what's hanging over our heads; may it be stars, or a hanging lamp, or even the plaster ceiling. So maybe every other person's home is filled with the same boring flat plastered ceilings with plastic cups or ceiling roses that hold our lamps up. 

How can interior design just be about the designer furniture, the designer lighting fixtures, tapware, etc? What happens to the little details that we always take for granted? Plaster ceilings are one of them. I don't mean those hideous cornices that many flats in Singapore put up. I mean plaster ceiling roses or design that reflect style, flair and much thought. 

The first 4 pictures are fine examples of lovely design and detailing. The other ceiling roses are what can be found at present (plasterwork is a dying trade). Those are from Butcher Plasterworks.


An Edwardian Plaster Ceiling Design.

Plaster Ceiling design that frames the skylight window. Love the simplicity of the design as well as the "ribs" on the side of the window.

Geometric design with a ceiling rose in the middle.

An 18th century ceiling of a Private Residence.

BCC 109.

BCC 130.


BCC 137.



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