Monday, March 30, 2009

Planning Beijing.

Next week, we are off to Beijing. Part work, part play for me but all fun for Sean. I've been given the unofficial task of planning the itinerary and from what lonely planet is feeding me with, this is going to be a fun trip. Some of the things, which would be fun to do, cycle in the streets of Beijing, visit the cultural spots, watch the flag raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square, watch a Peking opera at Prince Gong's Mansion, have drinks at GuanJing Bar which overlooks the Forbidden City and eat Peking Duck. This will be a fun week with my mad cap colleagues and adoring husband (who decided to make the trip.) 

One thing on my agenda before I go, brush up on my Mandarin.

Cycling around Beijing.

Flag raising at Tiananmen Square.

Prince Gong's Mansion, the mansion that inspired the famous Chinese literature, "Dream of the Red Chamber".

The ruins at the Old Summer Palace which was liken to be the Versailles of the East.

The surviving bridge at the Old Summer Palace.

The marble boat that Cixi commissioned at the Summer Palace.

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