Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Agrarian Kitchen.

Wished I had the courage like Rodney Dunn to leave the maddening world behind and retreat into the country to live off the fat of the land. Then again, in Singapore, there's hardly any countryside to speak of.

Rodney Dunn was the Australian Gourmet Traveller's food editor until in 2007, he had decided to leave his test kitchen in Sydney for a 19th century schoolhouse at Lachlan, Tasmania. After a year odd of hard work toiling in his farm, The Agrarian Kitchen opened to public in late 2008. It is to be a cooking school in a league of its own.  His garden is full of heirloom fruits and vegetables besides geese, wessex pigs and other livestock. Those who come for his classes start by pulling out ingredients from the garden.  Classes range from the Agrarian Experience to the Whole Hog (yup, you heard it right). How much will this experience cost you? Anything from AUD$275 to AUD $600.

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