Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Loves.

So it's the week when Paris becomes the mecca for fashionistas. Everyone who is the who's who of the fashion world congregates to parade their irresistibly chic outfits or introduce a new look.

I've been thinking of what I would love to wear this spring, so I've put together some items that reflects my relationship with spring.

Surface 2 Air Combo Short play suit.

Surface 2 Air Pleated Dress.

Mulberry Clipper. Love the quality of the leather as well as the laid back, sunday easy look.

McQ Bow Tie Vest. This is sure to look good with jeans and a pony tail.

K by Karl Lagerfeld Deva Ruffle Blouse. This will look good for work and play.

Fred Perry Gingham Dress. I love Fred Perry and how old school it looks. Some people have an inner goddess, I just have an inner geek.

Lanvin Ruched Muslin Blouse. I love the simplicity of this blouse and how easy and elegant it is.

Lanvin Two Toned Dress. This is a great "office to cocktails" dress.

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