Monday, May 31, 2010

Dom P Black Box by Marc Newson.

A couple of years ago when the traveling case for Veuve Clicquot first came out, I went out hunting for it. It was so adorable and comes with two champagne glasses. Then in the same year (2006), Marc Newson did a lime green champagne cooler for for Dom Pérignon.

This year, Marc Newson has repeated the success of their collaboration with a traveling case. The case is made of a high-tech composite that keeps a chilled bottle of bubbly perfectly cool during traveling, while resisting wear and tear. Priced at €200, there are only 1000 pieces made. I hear you can get it from the website itself or Harvey Nichols. Personally I love it for three reasons; I am a design freak, I enjoy my Champagne very much and I love green. This is to die for.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today's Outfit.

I'm just thinking if I could wear anything (as in own anything and everything), what would I be wearing today? I think this would be my combination. I love every item in this list. Gorgeous.

Helmut Lang Puckered Lace Dress.

Franck Muller Cintree Curvex Watch in Yellow Gold and Diamonds.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blood Lamp By Mike Thompson.

First things first, I will say that this is morbid and crazy. However, the thought behind this is meaningful. Would I buy this lamp, no. Watching the youtube video of the lady powering up the lamp is gross enough.

Read this quote about the lamp's philosophy and see if you'll join that camp.

"Scenario designer, and seemingly a junior sociologist, Mike Thompson has documented an environmental and social experiment to measure the value of generated power. The idea behind Mike’s creation is to bring some added value and realization to an individual in terms of wasted energy. He states that the average American consumes about 3383kwh of energy per year. That is equal to leaving a light on in four rooms for a full year. It is the luxury and ignorance of being able to flick a switch and “produce” light that makes us ultimately waste energy. In doing this we do not give a single thought to how this is effecting the environment, nor do we consider the method(s) it may take to give us this light. To put a bit more emphasis and realization on the entire process Mike has created the Blood Lamp. For the lamp to produce light one must break off the top of the lamp, dissolve a tablet in the solution and use their blood to power the light. This creates a lamp that can only be used once and forces the user to consider the most important time that they need the light. It forces them to be more considerate and reflect of how wasteful we are with energy on a daily basis. There is also a deep metaphor in this as well where the blood in our bodies represents life and the energy we use everyday effects the world we live in somehow someway, thus effecting our quality of life. See, everything is cyclical."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Design Stockholm House Work Lamp.

Design house Form Us With Love designed these lamps for Design Stockholm House last year. I love them. They remind me of those work lamps in mines, boats, or construction sites but luxed. My favourite one has got to be the gold cage one. The lamps come with a switch on the lamp holder and on the 10 feet long wire, there is a dimmer. It can be modified into a pendant lamp. I bought the last piece just today from Style Nordic while it was on sale. It has become my new bedside lamp. Will take some photos soon and share it with you.

Form us with Love is a Swedish design studio inspired by the interaction between people and products and driven by a genuine love for design. The group consists of designer trio John Löfgren, Jonas Pettersson and Petrus Palmér, Work from Form us with Love includes furniture and lighting for several internationally recognized design companies and awards such as “Red Dot Design Award” and the “Young Swedish Design Award”.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nina Ricci Shoes.

Nina Ricci has such a good sense of humour when it comes to shoes. Their spring/summer 2010 shoes made good evidence of that (images 2 - 4). They have a touch of vintage and new all rolled into one. They also had a collection of very queer shoes a season ago. When i first saw it, I thought it looked more like sculpture or something you'd put on display rather than wear. You wonder how easy is it for the normal non-model folks to wear them? Judging from one of the most famous fashion patron, Daphne Guinness (in the first photo) not easy at all. Kudos to her for making it out of home.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5/192 Little Colllins St, Melbourne, Australia.

Quite a few years back, I lived less than a block from this block of flats. I was at 240 Little Collins St and this was just up the road. I went to the auction of the mirror unit of this flat then and a friend's bf (now, husband) won the auction at 340k. Looks like he would make a killing if he decided to sell it now, this unit was sold at 710k. I love the high ceilings, art deco building, french windows, balcony, location and its layout. The building is called Shocko House and it was built in 1920. I miss living in a vintage building. They have so much character and charm. I'm really tempted to buy a small unit in one of them for investment. It's terribly alluring.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Poaa Dumbbells by Philippe Starck.

I know these were designed in 1999 and not exactly the most recent but the Poaa Dumbbells by Philippe Starck is almost like a sculpture. The gold ones are (each) 2kg dumbbells and the gun silver ones are 3kg each. It was designed for London's Sanderson Hotel, and part of a project led by Starck for the hotelier Ian Schrager, from Studio 54 fame. After toning your arms, you can leave it on the table as a paper weight or even on display in a shelf. It definitely looks better than the usual plastic dumbbells which should be kept hidden from view when not in use.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Henry Built.

From the first time I set my eyes on a Henry Built ad in Dwell magazine, I was mesmerized. The attention to detail, how well thought the kitchen was, the simplicity of the entire design caught me by surprise. I remember staring at the page studying their choice of materials, proportion of their pieces and colours. Without a doubt, I had set my eyes not on a luxury kitchen like a Poliform Varenna but on something that I knew I could actually have and use. That's why I am also happy to share with you this newfound interest.

Presenting to you, Henry Built. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She & Him - In The Sun.

I hope that this bright song will cheer your day. This is from She & Him's new album, Volume 2. Enjoy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tea Together.

The best jam I have ever tasted is from them. I had a taste of No. 16. I loved every bit of it. Soft, silky apricot with a hint of lavender. It was all I could think of for the next few days. Tea Together has done an excellent job. It changes my perception of jam, something we take for granted on some mornings. It's a pity that we don't get them here much except in St Regis and Capella.

Pure and simple-our first marmalade.

Cooked with a fistful of cardamom pods – pop them open and crunch the grains or recycle in a ragout or milk pudding.

A funky, dark, sensuous late summer jam, stuffed with violet figs from Provence and with a generous dash of sailors' Rum.

A jam of Autumn, even though we offer it all year round. As evocative as woodsmoke and hedgerows, the elderberry wraps a wildwood vibe around the core flavour while the heat of ginger gives a hike to the otherwise rather soft flavour.

Whole apricots in the final jam are framed by the almond-bitterness of the kernels that we break open and peel by hand, and by sprigs of summer lavender whose grey-green leaves decorate the bright, soft orange of the fruit.

Ingredients: whole lemons, unbleached cane sugar, Earl Grey tea.

The essence of Summer in a jar, we use the natural setting qualities of the currants to support our damask rose petals. The result is a jam of glistening scarlet with the full-on fragrance of summer roses. Crunch the petals between your teeth for extra sensation.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Third Drawer Down.

I love the textiles from Third Drawer Down. They focus on collaborations with artists budding and seasoned. They have a collection of duvet covers, baby bibs, tea towels, handkerchieves and purses. Some of them even look good enough to be framed up (this is cheaper than buying their art from a gallery).

This is a break-up letter printed on a handkerchief. How thoughtful.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hotel La Mamounia, Marrakech, Morocco.

Hotel La Mamounia is one of the most beautiful grand hotels left. Built in 1920, recently it went through a 3 year long beauty slumber (reopening late last year). USD 176m was spent on the renovation to update the hotel. Judging from these photos, the 3 year long wait has definitely paid off. It is stunning. The restaurant with tables in a courtyard has such a mysterious yet grand vibe about it. I love the swimming pool too. The hotel has been a national treasure since its opening and has attracted many celebrities over the years and now with its update, it just might have cemented its position in Marrakech as the hotel to lodge in.