Monday, May 10, 2010

Tea Together.

The best jam I have ever tasted is from them. I had a taste of No. 16. I loved every bit of it. Soft, silky apricot with a hint of lavender. It was all I could think of for the next few days. Tea Together has done an excellent job. It changes my perception of jam, something we take for granted on some mornings. It's a pity that we don't get them here much except in St Regis and Capella.

Pure and simple-our first marmalade.

Cooked with a fistful of cardamom pods – pop them open and crunch the grains or recycle in a ragout or milk pudding.

A funky, dark, sensuous late summer jam, stuffed with violet figs from Provence and with a generous dash of sailors' Rum.

A jam of Autumn, even though we offer it all year round. As evocative as woodsmoke and hedgerows, the elderberry wraps a wildwood vibe around the core flavour while the heat of ginger gives a hike to the otherwise rather soft flavour.

Whole apricots in the final jam are framed by the almond-bitterness of the kernels that we break open and peel by hand, and by sprigs of summer lavender whose grey-green leaves decorate the bright, soft orange of the fruit.

Ingredients: whole lemons, unbleached cane sugar, Earl Grey tea.

The essence of Summer in a jar, we use the natural setting qualities of the currants to support our damask rose petals. The result is a jam of glistening scarlet with the full-on fragrance of summer roses. Crunch the petals between your teeth for extra sensation.

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