Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blood Lamp By Mike Thompson.

First things first, I will say that this is morbid and crazy. However, the thought behind this is meaningful. Would I buy this lamp, no. Watching the youtube video of the lady powering up the lamp is gross enough.

Read this quote about the lamp's philosophy and see if you'll join that camp.

"Scenario designer, and seemingly a junior sociologist, Mike Thompson has documented an environmental and social experiment to measure the value of generated power. The idea behind Mike’s creation is to bring some added value and realization to an individual in terms of wasted energy. He states that the average American consumes about 3383kwh of energy per year. That is equal to leaving a light on in four rooms for a full year. It is the luxury and ignorance of being able to flick a switch and “produce” light that makes us ultimately waste energy. In doing this we do not give a single thought to how this is effecting the environment, nor do we consider the method(s) it may take to give us this light. To put a bit more emphasis and realization on the entire process Mike has created the Blood Lamp. For the lamp to produce light one must break off the top of the lamp, dissolve a tablet in the solution and use their blood to power the light. This creates a lamp that can only be used once and forces the user to consider the most important time that they need the light. It forces them to be more considerate and reflect of how wasteful we are with energy on a daily basis. There is also a deep metaphor in this as well where the blood in our bodies represents life and the energy we use everyday effects the world we live in somehow someway, thus effecting our quality of life. See, everything is cyclical."

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