Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5/192 Little Colllins St, Melbourne, Australia.

Quite a few years back, I lived less than a block from this block of flats. I was at 240 Little Collins St and this was just up the road. I went to the auction of the mirror unit of this flat then and a friend's bf (now, husband) won the auction at 340k. Looks like he would make a killing if he decided to sell it now, this unit was sold at 710k. I love the high ceilings, art deco building, french windows, balcony, location and its layout. The building is called Shocko House and it was built in 1920. I miss living in a vintage building. They have so much character and charm. I'm really tempted to buy a small unit in one of them for investment. It's terribly alluring.

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