Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Day's Mess.

This is rare. I hardly sleep on my way home while Sean drives but tonight, I did. I was super exhausted. He claimed that he spoke to me and I kept going hmm... 

However, I did cover much ground. I actually managed to meet up with Sally to get her to remeasure the windows with the actual flooring and go through the samples with the paint fan deck and the living room wall. I also suddenly decided to go to Living by Ziegler to check out the mirror which I was not terribly sure of the last time, when we went together. This time round, they had this huge white mirror which was perfect for our master bathroom and at a steal. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of it. I did find many other lovely things for home there too. Love the shop. So beautiful.

Our door knocker also arrived in the mail from US. It looks like a new old, which was what we wanted. It will look fantastic on our painted door with the letter slot.

Another mustard yellow fabric against the living room wall and floor.
I shan't say which is our master bedroom's colour. Look at how beautiful the lilac plays against the greys.
Our Georgian urn door knocker. We are sending the card back to get our engraved piece.

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