Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sally the Window Dresser

When I think of window dressing, I think of "The Sound of Music" and the Von Trapp children dressed in new play clothes made from their old drapes. It is no surprise that Mr Von Trapp freaked at them wearing the old unwanted drapes. It was never a status or class problem (being seen in them), it was a dust and mite issue. He probably got rid of them as it was too tiresome to wash those heavy cloths.

The question is how important are curtains to a window? Today, Sally who is the mother of soft furnishings (with 30 years of experience in her pocket) came by to take the measurements of the windows.  Like a hawk, I was attentive; listening to her every advice and visualising the effect it would have on the rooms. The loud, attention seeking and rudely painted walls made it hard to phantom how the soft muted lilac and mustard yellow would play in the master bedroom and living room. They attacked every opportunity to distract me during my small subconscious moments. I must say however, we did make progress. Sally was my compass; my true north. She navigated me to what was right, and in that hour, functionality and design, snapped together becoming one.  She had found my vision.

Some samples of fabric for the curtains.
Sally, measuring the guest room window.
Our living room windows without the grills.

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