Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Site Meetings and More Tiling

Lunch Meetings have been given a whole new meaning especially when you are eating dust. I am not surprised if for this month, more pimples have erupted due to the over exposure of dust, cement and dirt. This comes with renovating a place. As the self declared project manager (between Sean and myself), I shall have to wear my pimples with pride like a trophy. It is not a common sight to get a woman inspecting a work site on a frequent basis.

I had a site meeting today with my contractor, the air-con subcontractor, electrician and plumber. The electrician and plumber are starting work tomorrow, so we had to run through the scope of work (which was fortunate). I found out that Hansgrohe apparently had missed out on some items. The sales lady while adding an item into the delivery order, accidentally took out the shut off valves for the vanity taps.  However, that has been resolved. I suppose you can never be too sure. Fortunately, the invoice had that line item even though the delivery order didn't.

The wet works folks should be done by today (for the time being). They will be back after the plumber has done the pipings to do the finishing touches to the bathrooms.

The Common Bathroom all grouted and ready for piping.
The Common Bathroom floor
Our Master Bathroom floor
The kitchen with the side curbs done midway during lunch.
The base for the refrigerator. Love the little touch like the edge of the curb being rounded. 

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