Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There Goes Retro!

For a few weeks now, I have been staring at the paint colour fan deck, deciding on which are the best colours for the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, doors, etc. Hated the colour choices for the entire apartment from day one. You cannot be serious when you say that sunshine yellow, bright pink or carrot orange is soothing and relaxing. It hardly adds to a cosy atmosphere. Friends have been curious about what my palette would be. I have been tight lipped. Don't want to give anything away, just as yet.

Had a meeting with my contractor and carpenter today despite my sore eye. We went through all the drawings, the details of construction, and picked out my laminates from lamitak. It was so interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing the pieces in flesh. Customising is great!

Today, the living room and corridor have been given its first coat of paint. I hear that because the walls are in bright colours, a few coats of paint is necessary. Anyway, presenting to you my living room in "a touch of grey".  

The white wall in  contrast with the glass tiles.
The plaster ceiling rose from UK, plastered onto the corridor ceiling, in place of the old down light.
The corridor and living in grey.
The living room in its first coat of paint.

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