Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Want To Be Amos' Neighbour.

A year ago, during National Day, our ex-colleague, Amos invited us to his place for steamboat. I loved his place; the location, the balcony and neighbourhood. Ever since then, I have been telling him that I want to be his neighbour. Subconsciously, we were looking out for new flats from HDB from his neighbourhood, Tanglin Halt and Bukit Merah. We saw the showflats at Tanglin Halt and Bukit Merah but it was not for us (we didn't get the flat and we didn't exactly liked them). 

Who would have thought that this year, one Saturday while waiting for Selynn and Cheryl to show up, I flipped the classifieds and saw the advertisement for this unit. I made the appointment for Sunday after church. We went to see the flat and within 5 mins of leaving the unit, we made an offer. They accepted. By the end of the day, we had given the cheque, signed the option to purchase and sealed the deal. Apparently the couple after us that saw the unit, loved it too but they were too late. They early bird does get the worm or rather a new nest. 

Today, the wet workers clad the hollow wall at the vanity and shower area with mosaic. By the end of today, grouting will be finished.
Check out the vanity wall/ledge, all finished.
This is the wall/ledge that the pipes for the shower mixer are hidden in. Grouting is halfway done.

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