Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today, I rushed over just before lunch as the electricians wanted to install the lights and no one has gone through with them which lamp is to be installed where and at what height. Just then that Issa from Design Intervention called to let me know that the lamp shade which I have customised is ready. (A few weeks ago, I brought over a beautiful piece of linen for them to make into a big lampshade for our master bedroom.) I picked up the lamp shade and went over to my new place to run through the mounting of the fittings with the electricians.

The painters have put on a coat of primer on the master bedroom, guest room and main door. I hope they'll paint the rooms soon. Can't wait to see the rooms in the colours we have picked.

The lamp shade at Design Intervention.
The lampshade with the primed wall in the background.
The lamps in their boxes sitting on the floor.
Another view of the mess.
The white door frame against the living room wall colour. Beautiful!
The common bathroom's lamp
The two lampshades in the corridor.
The linen lampshade mounted in the master bedroom.
The pleated lampshade in the master bedroom.
The 3D cut out chandelier from urban outfitters.
Louis Poulsen AJ Royal lamp. Second hand from Italy. It was designed by Arne Jacobsen for the Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen in the 1950s.

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