Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bathrooms and (Writer's) Block

I'm tired. Today has been a long long day. Sitting in front writing this blog with my wet hair and influenced by the night's charm (to sleep), I was plagued with writer's block for a while. Did you know that the shortest letter was written by Victor Hugo when he was vacation and he wanted to find out how his book, Les Miserables was selling from his publisher. The only content of the letter was "?". His publisher who shared the record for shortest letter, replied "!". That made Victor Hugo very happy. By the way, Victor Hugo also holds the record for the longest sentence to be printed in a novel (which appeared in Les Miserables). It contained 823 words, 93 commas, 51 semicolons, and 4 dashes, and fills up almost 3 pages before a period appears!

So it turns out that the plumbers really did finish piping the whole flat in one day. On friday, the electricians were doing some wiring for the unit, The wet worker was covering up the pipes for the master and common bathrooms.  I can't wait for next week. So much has been scheduled to get done. I shan't give anything away. Look out for this space!

The electrical wires for the lights hanging from the trunking.
The curb and the pipes for the shower are concealed.
The concealed pipes in the master bath.
The shower area ready for the rainshower.

The master bathroom shower curb.

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