Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cementing Two Wrongs

I have to say that this contractor never fails to impress me. His wet work folks are fast! Maybe it is the hungry ghost festival as well, that must deter many people from renovating their homes but I don't care! Thank God for the lull period that freed up the schedule of these craftsmen. They have done the waterproofing, screeded the floor and walls in the common bathroom, touched up the floor and wall where the wall between the master bedroom and bedroom 3 was, the kitchen walls and also the floor at the walkway.

When my folks told me to turn on the lights whenever I enter a room at night, I think that they are a just being paranoid as usual (afraid that I would trip on something). Today, I wished I did hit the light switch as soon as we got into the flat. We groped in the dark, managed to get near the common bathroom to peep in and then my husband dearest suddenly pointed to the the floor that I was standing on. I had left footprints in the semi-wet cement ground. When I realised what I had done, I quickly turned on the lights (the power supply was cut at the breaker) and started to examine all the tools lying on the floor and leaning on the wall. I picked up the closest leveling tool and tried to resurface it even at my husband's angry protests. Now this just gets only better. As it was semi-dry, when I swept the leveling tool across the surface, it got worse. A small part of the screed lifted off onto the tool causing a small dent in the nicely screeded floor to my husband's dismay. This is bound to dent the wet workers' mood. I think it is time to buy them drinks and offer my "deepest" apologies.

The walkway floor.
The patched up wall and floor between the two rooms.
The kitchen walls.

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