Friday, August 22, 2008

Day of Rest.

Nothing was done in the flat today. There was site meeting with the contractor, the wood flooring folks, the carpenter, and the shower screen vendor. We went through the works that was to be done next week. We are on schedule and Sean is excited. The thought of having to wake up later, not having to pay $2.50 for ERP, and having a place of our own is going to be a reality in a month's time. We have confirmed our moving date as 19th Sept. Looking forward to then.

I have bought the switches and I have tried to install 1 of them to see how it looks. The switches are from Legrand. I know that this could be the ultimate betrayal to ABB (especially when I used to sell their switches and automation). However, the new Legrand Mallia is cheaper and nicer. I did buy the ABB ceiling rose, if it is any consolation. 

Legrand Mallia, One Gang, One Way Switch.
My favourite part of home at this point of time.

One of Two Louis Poulsen, PH 5 lamp by Poul Henningsen designed in 1958. By the 1970s, most homes in Denmark had a PH lamp (whether 3 or 4/3 or 5) in their homes. Classic and Iconic lamp.

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