Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some of the Most Best Florists.

I love flowers. I love them wild, a little messy as though you were to walk out of your home and picked them out of your garden. Unfortunately for me, most of the good florists in Singapore are into the structured, very avant garde look. I get really put off by that because it certainly looks like a crime against nature.

I have picked out a couple of florists which I love and highly recommend.

Grandiflora from Potts Point, Sydney has flowers to die for. They are simply gorgeous. It also goes to show that simplicity does go a long way. It's no wonder they are the best florist in Sydney and some say Australia.

Sydney has Grandiflora, Melbourne has Pollon. Located just behind St Paul's Cathedral in a shop which was a part of the cathedral, Pollon has the most beautiful shop-front. Their arrangements are beautiful with a good measure of quirkiness. 

Domain Flowers has lovely picks for fresh flowers for the table. It is situated opposite the Kings Domain and the Royal Botanic Gardens in a group of boutique shops and cafes. This location has been a flower shop for 25 years but only 7 years with the current owners. I used to live near them for a short while during my stay in Melbourne. They always had the freshest and most luscious blooms.

What about if you are like me? Stuck in Singapore? I've always loved the flowers from The Link. You can order through their boutique but they have raised their prices. Orders start from SGD$200. I found out a few years ago that they order their flowers from Sebastian Ee (order directly from Sing See Soon, orders start at $60 onwards, which is more reasonable). Sebastian is well known in the floristry circle. He does not have a florist of his own (he works in his family owned nursery which does flowers too) and his services do not come cheap. His most lavish wedding that he did, set the client back by 1 million dollars. Who can afford to pay 1 million dollars for floral decorations? Royalty.

Fortunately for Sean and I, we paid much less for his work but the result is still nothing short of spectacular. 

His work from the Link website.

My Wedding Bouquet.

The Flowers Along The Aisle. I Designed the Grosgrain Ribbon and Hyman Hendler & Sons, New York made them for me. I wanted them to sit prettily in a heap on the carpet.

The Big Picture. In front of the altar are 3 box hedges and flanking the altar on both sides are short palm trees. I wanted to make it look a little like a park.


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