Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Everyone knows about the Ice hotel, Sweden by now. It's not a new story and even National Geographic has covered it, so why am I still interested in it?

For a very simple reason. Every year when they rebuild the hotel, they change the design and the "artwork" made from ice and snow is made by different groups of artists. You'll never know what to expect. It's like a new hotel every year at the same spot made from ice and snow.

The concept from the ice hotel started with a group of foreign guests, equipped with reindeer hides and sleeping bags, decided it would be a good idea to use the cylindrical shaped igloo as accommodation. The following morning the brave group raved about the unique sensation of sleeping in an igloo. This gave the idea of building a huge igloo like hotel for others to experience their experience.

The 08/09 hotel has started its construction on the 24th November and the hotel is set to be completed on 7th January 2009. The completed hotel will be opened from the 10th January to 18th April. However, they do sell rooms from the first phase while they are constructing the rest of the hotel, at a much cheaper rate 10th December to 28th December 2008. 

I can't wait to check out the artwork that will be installed in the latest reincarnation of the hotel. 

Ice Hotel Exterior.

Ice Tunnel.

A ice bed from 2007/2008.

Artwork in one of the Ice Suites 2007/2008.

Forest Artwork from an Ice Suite 2007/2008.

Artwork in a room 2007/2008.

Absolut Icebar 2007/2008.

Ice Church 2006/2007.

Ice Church 2007/2008.

Ceiling of the Ice Church 2007/2008.

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