Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Declination of Morals.

I will be frank and blunt about this. The world isn't what it used to be. When my grandpa said that to me many years ago, I listened and brushed it aside. How have we declined? Technology is making our world a much better and easier place to live in. We have invented almost everything to combat any form of pain, discomfort and illness. We have created machines to help us with efficiency of time, enhancement of our abilities or to change what we were blessed with. With all these that we have, why have we become even more unsatisfied? Why have we become more self-centred? Shouldn't we have evolved and realised that if we only care about ourselves not the people in our environment, we will all decline as one? Are we just pretty, shiny apples with  rotting cores? What's happened to mankind? 

It has been more than a decade since my grandpa's death and only recently that I am starting to understand the wisdom in his statement. This world is filled with angst, bitterness and ego. In some countries, you can watch someone else get beaten up, robbed, treated unjustly and yet walk away like it's normality. In offices, you can watch politics, know someone else is being sabotaged and still add fuel to the fire or gossip like as though it were happening to someone else you don't know personally. Even friends can be just as bad or worse. Why can't friends say what they mean? Why do they have to put up a barrier of envy, pride, or self-righteousness? Is this the sort of friends they want as well? 

I am tired. I am tired of all the mind games that is termed as society norm.  Where are the attributes that build our society? Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Faith and Love? Why have we stopped caring for our friend, colleague or the stranger that is suffering? Why have we become so self-centred? 

I don't want to have doubts when my friend confides in me, over analyse intentions, or put on a mask. I believe in Tabula Rasa. One must always keep his/her slate clean. Have nothing on your conscience. I want to believe in the world my grandpa told me about, where people always reached out their hand to another (let's not wait till another catastrophe happens), where friends believed in each other; there's loyalty in friendship. I want to believe in mankind. 

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