Monday, November 10, 2008

The Adventures of Dairy Tivoli.

When I was going to work this morning, it was pouring very heavily. I spotted a little wet kitten meowing away in the carpark, soaking wet and shivering. I was afraid that it might die of hypothermia so I decided to take it home and give it a warm bath and dry it. Poor Ruby, she was forced to share her space with the kitten (which I named Dairy Tivoli).  Ruby is rather terrified of him.

Dairy spent the entire day with Ruby and only when  we got home that we fed him a little (glucose) and played with him. Sean doesn't like cats much. Apparently he had a bad experience when he was younger (a cat scratched him). Dairy loves music, sleeping (like all 3 week old kittens do) and clinging onto my top like a koala. Really cute.

Later when Ruby took her night walk, we spotted Dairy's mum and other sibling. So I reunited them. 
Fresh after his bath.

Trying to scale me like a wall.

Asleep in his box.

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