Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amy Sarabi.

Amy Sarabi is a fashion designer from San Francisco. For her first collection, the 24 year old took inspiration from a mushroom's gills or Lamella. The soft papery underside was replicated with loving care along the necklines, in the middle of another dress and under a sleeve. Her collection is aptly entitled as "Mushroom". The sensuality of the delicate appearance of the gills arouse a different form of temptation. It arouses the desire to touch. 

She loves the styles of Belgian Martin Margiela (whose collection turns 20 this year), and Cypriot Hussein Chalayan (the new creative director of Puma).  She believes in creating a third dimension to what we wear as we usually wear "flat" clothes. Her favourite fabrics include linen and silk but recently she has turned her attention to unconventional materials like latex.

Her day job is with Old Navy's menswear (a line owned by Gap). This earns her the money to develop her own clothing line. She has plans for her new collection to be based on pine cones. Can't wait for her new collection to be out. 

It may not be something the everyday person can wear, but it sure does inspire others to think about what they wear. Fashion should not be just about comfort. It should be our voice, our means of expression may it be excitement, mischief or to change what we feel inside. 

This weekend, don't just dig out the old tee that you love wearing, wear something that expresses you. Wear something to send a message. Wear something to inspire another.

Happy Weekend.


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