Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making Butter.

As I was mentioning earlier this week, this weekend is butter making sunday! It was quite the experience. The butter produced was light yellow, creamy and really fresh in flavour compared to those from the supermarket. 

Now to try and make some butter to bake cupcakes with. I wonder how the cupcakes would taste...

The cream in the jar.

After 2 mins of shaking, the cream has thickened.

This is after 5 mins of shaking.

This is after 10 mins of shaking.

Look at how thick it is, check out the lid. (after 10mins shaking)

This is after 15mins of shaking. The buttermilk and the butter have split.

This is after 20mins of shaking. The butter has formed.

This is after washing it with cold water. The spoon is to press out the remaining water.

This is before pressing it into the container to remove the last drops of water.

This is the butter smoothen and ready to be refrigerated. 

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