Monday, June 1, 2009

Whitney Smith Pottery.

Etsy is a trove of fantastic handmade crafts. I can't seem to get enough of it. On my recent trawl of etsy, I chanced upon Whitney Smith Pottery. She makes such lovely ceramic pieces and her choice of colours for glazing are beautiful. I am terribly attracted (like a moth to the light) to the lovely shades of vintage colours (blues and greens especially). The little details that she adds to her pieces especially the "wood altar with two moths" vase is very simple but it makes you want to shower the piece with adoring glances.

I love her cupcake stands with the scalloped bell jars. They are just so adorable. I hear that these pieces are going to be featured in a later issue of Martha Stewart's Wedding. Aren't they so deserving of this honour?

Cupcake Stand with Scalloped Bell Jar.

Bird Cupcake Stand.

Five Nesting Lotus Bowls.

Purple Poppy Bowl.

Pair of Bird Cupcake Stands.

Large Scallop Cake Stand.

Wood Altar With Two Moths.

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