Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've never been a fan of the huge LCD or Plasma televisions. I rather liked my television proportionate to the room size and slightly veering on being a tat vintage. Our current television is a 21 inch LG CRT television. Nothing grand but somehow it seems almost like a huge upgrade from my old 14 inch Phillips CRT television (it was just 2 years ago). The insanity of going to places like Harvey Norman or Best Denki to ask for a CRT television, (to make matters worse, I wanted another 14 inch) leaves my husband in stitches. By the way, we found ours in a suburban mall. Apparently they don't make much of those anymore.

Why do I love CRT? It doesn't get any dead pixels, the colour to me is better and it has a longer life than the plasma or LCD televisions. Moreover, the price difference is huge. Then again, maybe not that much different when compared to a Brionvega television. I'd die to have any one of them.

If there is one television that is for keeps, this is it. A Brionvega television is beautiful. The screens may not be big compared to our modern televisions but they are designed with love. Brionvega is an Italian electronics company, established in Milan in 1945, now located in Pordenone. Former part of the Seleco-Formenti Group, after the crack down of the company, following price dumping from Turkish manufacturers, has been splitted in two parts. The rights for the production of radios and audio systems was bought by Sim2 Multimedia Company. The Brionvega brand, tv branch, along with Seleco and Imperial were taken over by Super//Fluo company in August, 2006. Without a doubt, Brionvega is one of the most famous television and radio manufacturer, due to their designer collaborated products.

Brionvega Algol only in Army Green.

Brionvega Doney in Orange.

Front View of Doney.

Brionvega Cuboglass Television. This is my favourite. It looks like a black glossy cube when turned off.

This is how it looks like when it is turned on.

Brionvega TS522 Radio.

The Radio when Closed.

Brionvega RR226. It comes with a turntable and DVD/CD player.

Brionvega RR227 Radio.

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David said...

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