Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ace Hotel, New York.

So what happens if your life motto is "Rock On"  and you hate all the usual zen, resort or ostentatiously luxurious  hotels? You want a hotel that reflects your love for the urban, the hard steel and yet somewhat old. Where should you go that will make you feel at home? 

The new feather in the cap for Ace Hotel group is Ace Hotel, New York. The hotel is designed to look like a place a rock or alternative musician would love to crash. It has many room options from a bunk to a loft. The rooms are tastefully done; a tat urban with an old vintage feel. In every room, there is a turntable and lovely vintage looking furniture. The hotel also boasts of a restaurant runned by The Spotted Pig, known for their seasonal, unpretentious and easy food which has a British and Italian influence.

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