Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Imperfectly Perfect.

I am terribly intrigued by the imperfectly perfect. We live in a world that we want to have the perfect everything, for those who have that terribly volatile creative temperament trying to perfect everything like myself; I get really frustrated with my own "failures". However, if we put our ideals aside and stand at a distance to look at the work in its entirety, sometimes our little imperfections do make it perfect. This post is dedicated to just that.

A Photograph of a Weeping Bride by Candice Cunningham. When I first saw this photograph, I had a flood of emotions and confusion that I can't register. So beautiful, serene yet troubled. Please click on the photograph to have a larger view.

Marco Pierre White when he was younger. This Chef Extraordinaire was the youngest (33 years old) during his time to receive 3 Michelin stars and Britain's first Celebrity Chef. He possesses exceptional culinary skills, and a terribly quick temper. Curtis Stone (who worked under him before, was quoted that Gordon Ramsay compared to him is like a "fairy angel"). In his defense, I've watched old episodes of him when he was 27 cooking for his old mentors, I can totally understand his pain as an artist (who sacrifices for his art). He may have a huge temper but an equally huge heart.

Bulgari's Sapphire Earrings. The both sides are not the same but still so beautiful.

My 2004 Mini Cooper. This is a photograph of it when it was 3 days old. It was perfect in everyway except for bad boot space and the horrible CVT. Besides that, when I got it, it's air-conditioning housing was cracked. Despite all these, I loved it, loved it will all my heart; just like a mother loves her child.

Frank Gehry's Dancing House in Prague. How this building with its uneven aligned windows, leaning structure and surreal design, blends into the adjoining buildings is still a mystery to some.

Joan Miro's Constellation: Awakening at Dawn. When you first look at the painting, it just looks like messy colour blocks and childish doodling, but upon studying it further, it makes so much sense in relation to its title.

Eastern Bluebird nestlings newly hatched. The swollen abdomen on one of them is from the nestling eating all the fluids in the egg before hatching. Look at its beautiful little wet feathers. The beautiful blue eggs have such a lovely hue.

This is how it will look in a few weeks time. (For those curious how it will look like with it's nestling feathers).

This is a full grown Male Eastern Bluebird. (Just for you to envision how it looks like when it matures.)

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