Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Continentale, Florence.

I am sold! If there's a hotel that just might make it unbearable to check out, this may be it. It's not the usual hotel with it's pomp and pageantry but this hotel definitely packs in the punches. Located at Ponte Vecchio, it is minutes from everywhere. 

Continentale, Florence is the place to return to after a lovely day walking around Florence. It has just 43 rooms and all the rooms come with a view. I love the simplicity of the rooms designed. The easy and muted colours are a needed break from its fashion forward public areas. Their bathrooms are huge and some even come with a view.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a nice photograph of the beautiful bathroom. 

The lobby is speckled with little bits of pop culture; pictures of scenes from European films. The lobby even has a plasma television that plays European films on a loop. I must declare that I am not a fan of pink in general. However, I do admit that the colour theme in the public areas (black, white and a dash of bubblegum pink) is somehow rather welcoming and does breakdown the seriousness of the two contrasting colours.

Now, imagine sitting on the rooftop looking over the city and drinking a lovely prosecco. How wonderful life would be...

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