Monday, June 8, 2009

New At Home.

Some new additions to home (my favourite long haul project). I've added two wooden trays on both side of the master bathroom's console for a his and her organised look. On Sean's side, I've added a decanter for his mouthwash. It definitely looks more polished than a Listerine bottle. The rose is in a brown Bundaberg bottle which has been scrubbed clean of its label.  

The painting of the old man is bought off ebay and I had it reframed. It is more than a century old. The composition is of a court official painted on silk. The man seems to pop up from the silk as though it were embroidered on. How much did I pay for this? USD 11. What a steal.

Thought I'd add in a picture of the last batch of cupcakes made. Enjoy.

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