Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shopping at the W Store.

Once in a while, I like surfing the W hotels' W Store. It has a mish mash of interesting things that range from a candle to a mattress. I reckon that they have a good collection of items for gifts. Here are some of the interesting gift choices. Do check out their website for their beddings, men and women items.

Old Fashioned Wooden Car Toy.
Labbit by Designer/Illustrator Frank Kozik. He was the one who drew the famous smoking rabbit illustrations. This Labbit comes with 4 different accessories. It's cute without being overly cliche.

A collection of toys for display. For the man who loves his machines.

Afterglow Massage Candle. After burning the candle, blow it out, dip the brush in it's warm wax and brush it across the skin on the areas to be massaged. kinky.

Mantel Dome Clock.

Charlotte Gainsbourg. Great CD for a late night.

Jasper Morrison's Cork Family. These are stools. Quirky and a great ice-breaker.

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