Friday, October 3, 2008

Voulez-Vous Toile?

I've been a little slow on adding the pictures for the bedrooms but I promise that I will. 

Today in the mail, my ebay buy arrived. It's two yards of Waverly fabric from the Country House collection in the Cameo pattern. Very lovely. I bought it with the intention of redoing the cane chairs' seat cushions. I have tucked in the fabric around the existing seat cushions to have a realistic idea of how it would look like. I love it! Gorgeous. I have decided to try and squeeze in two cushions for the sofa also from the remnant. 

I am continuously renovating my home. Making small changes now that the bulk of the major works have been done.

Keep your eyes peeled. Watch this space.
The Toile loosely wrapped around the existing seat cushion.
The pattern.
I couldn't resist but feature the latest flower change in our living room as well as the room from a different view.

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