Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ruby, My Dear

My mum was going away for the long weekend with her sisters and so I decided to take Ruby home with me. She is a Feb baby like me but she was born in 2004. I loved her when I saw her and knew that I wanted to take her home. I bought her with my 2nd month salary at my first job. A lot to money to part with then but I knew it would be worthwhile.

The sad thing is that since we took her home on Saturday, she has been having a little problem adapting to the new environment, to not having Robert (the other pomeranian, aka her best friend) and my mum around. She has not been eating well. Sean and I tried hand feeding her and she has been starting to eat very little (when we bug her to) from her bowl. She is under observation because we realised she is depressed. If it persists, we may be forced to take her home on Saturday to Robert and we will be without her again. We will miss her so much.... 

We are keeping our fingers crossed.
Ruby when she was a puppy.

Ruby with a plaster cast when she broke her leg. 
Ruby with her new boots.
Ruby demonstrating how to sit properly in the car.
Ruby on her new favourite rug.

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