Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You Cousin!!!

My dearest cousin decided to get us a coffee machine for our home, but the extent that she went to make sure that we get one which is perfect for our kitchen is so touching. She was sure that it had to be a blue machine and a Nespresso Magimix M100 just like hers (hers is in fizzy fushcia). She went to the Nespresso bar in Takashimaya and realised that they only had it in black or silver. She seached ebay but she couldn't get a seller that would ship to Singapore. The US power plugs are different as well. She finally got her London friend who hand carried it back with a child in tow. Her friend was well rewarded for her efforts with a nice lunch. How can anyone not be touched when so much thought and hard work was put in so that we can have a nice cup of coffee every morning? 

Moreover, it matches the Sunbeam ceramic  kettle and my kitchen tiles. Love it so much!
The exact coffee machine that we have in Artic blue.
The British coffee maker and Aussie kettle. they look great together.
The side profile of the coffee machine.
The Nespresso capsules that came with the machine.

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