Sunday, October 12, 2008

Of Old and New Images.

The problem with digital cameras is that you need to download pictures which I can get rather lazy in doing. However, when I do take the effort to download them, they are so beautiful. Well-worth every effort. 

I have some lovely pictures to share of the home taken with panoramic lens, a night shot of the city during the Singapore Grand Prix and the Singapore Biennale 2008.


The Common bathroom in full side view.
The Guest Room.
The Singapore night sky on a Grand Prix night.
Making our mark. This is a satellite picture of our block.
This artist blew up the satellite picture of Singapore from Google Maps. A view from the balcony above it.
Sean in the midst of an organised clutter. This Filipino artist is depicting the things that get shipped back to home from a foreign land.
A visually stimulating piece about things which are not what they seem from different angles. From one point in the room, this is a 3 dimensional piece but if you were to walk around the room, it breaks down.
A Taiwanese artist knitted a scooter, a toucan, a street lamp, and flowers, ivy, etc. Some parts of them have their ends connected to a motor which slowly deconstructs them into just a pile of yarn. This is to depict the destruction of the once thriving textile industry of Taiwan which is slowly destroyed by globalisation.
Sean in one of the alleys at the South Beach Development.

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