Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paspaley Pearls.

My mother loved pearls and to me, I've always related it to the choice of the older woman. I always thought that there was nothing great about them; they don't sparkle, they are not rare and they just look like beads. Then a few years back, I'd found my love for them. 

My favourite pearling company is Paspaley. They have the most lovely designs as well as the most beautiful pearls. Check out their collection online.

Paspaley is the largest pearling company in Australia. It started operations in the 1930s and is based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. It has about 20 farms, situated between Dampier, Western Australia and the Cobourg Peninsula east of Darwin. It's flagship store is along Martin's Place, Sydney. 


The Pearl Professor said...

They are beautiful but expensive!

An interesting side note; they started as a shell company and did not start farming pearls until the sixties.

Sandra Yeo said...

Thank you for your interesting side note. They are really costly but I suppose if you love pearls, it is worth it, especially when you are ensured of their quality.