Monday, December 1, 2008

Sandra and Sean Turn One!

Sean and I have turned one. We've been happily married for a year. So maybe a year is short, and insignificant. It is hardly a landmark or momentous. For us, it is like a 2 year old getting excited during his birthday. He hardly knows what's coming or in stored in life for him. He is just happy to be in that moment.

After having another look at the wedding photos, there are some really lovely "B-sides". Why B-sides? Some of them didn't make it to the wedding album. It's just strange what you might not notice at first or second glance that are in fact indistinctly beautiful and meaningful.

This might be quite the excuse to dig out your old photo albums, may it be your wedding's or birthdays' or even vacations'. You might just have missed out on some details like I did. 

Click on any one of them to expand.

Doreen and Sharon's expressions are priceless. They meant to take some snapshots of me but they were suddenly lost in their own thoughts.

The red Cartier box in Sean's hands are so meaningful. It's like an eternal offering of care, trust and love, well packaged with their intentions hidden.

The veil that I sewed myself and the back of my dress. The details and how the both items are so different yet they come together in harmony.

Sean cool and relaxed. He has the look of simple happiness; contentment.

Sean's mum and sister after getting their hair and make-up done. This almost looks like a vintage photograph.

The flowers by the aisle at church. Hardly fussy, and very easy to the eyes.

Our church programs. The raspberry ribbons are tamed by the light blue design and crisp white covers. Simplicity at its best.

A nice picture of Reuben getting things sorted in Church before the guests arrive.

The arrival of our convoy.  I like the way the minis look in contrast to the wedding car with the church in the background.

My aunt with my grandaunt having a talk. They have not met in eons. Love the rich colours in their outfits in contrast to the teak and rattan benches.

Adrian (accompanied by Terence on the keyboards and Eugene on the electric guitar) belting out some Beatles songs before the wedding. I love the Beatles since I was a little girl. One of the common loves my mum and I shared. Their music is so inspiring, meaningful and still so relevant in our modern world. We even picked one of them ("Here, There and Everywhere") as our march in.

This was when Sean was saying his vows. In any marriage, a good support system must be in place and judging by our entourage, we must be very blessed.

After we kissed, suddenly I felt so self-conscious. It made me look at the crowd and laugh.

It was amazing to have a 400ish strong crowd to witness our union. The church was packed. The church looked so fabulous in black and white. My father-in-law looked really comfortable (almost like a seasoned church-goer, although he isn't a Christian).

The expression on their faces was priceless. They looked so relieved to be let off their duties. 

Our wedding car.

Ju and I sharing an intimate moment. One of my favourite pictures. Ju is like a sister to me, it was fantastic to have her fly back for my wedding.

My sister and her beau, Steven on her balcony of the function room. We sipped champagne on the balcony (all 60 of us) and admired the lively cityscape while catching up with friends before dinner. 

Just before we had cut the cake. Sean was ready to hack into the cake on his own.

This is of me offering Sean's grandma tea. She has a certain tenderness and kindness in her face that makes her beautiful.

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wan lin said...

I was just wondering to myself. The date today sounds super familiar. hee... yeah and was wondering if you guys turned one. :) Wee... and I was right! hee... happy first anniversary! *throws confetti* -mei