Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Cheer.

I've been wondering where the Christmas cheer this year has gone. I know that we are in the midst of a global recession; the media, our bosses and even friends have made it felt and known. But what is Christmas without a little Christmas giving?

If you are strapped for cash or just want to practice a saving for the storm ahead, why not bake some cookies and put them in jars decorated with ribbons? There's so much stuff you can make to give away, including homemade jams, caramel sauces, sew up a little tote, or even bake fruitcakes. 

Anyway this blog isn't about how to make any of those. It's just a few items that have caught my fancy during this Christmas season. These are 'easy' presents as in presents that are sure to please.
A set of 8 Kate Spade Holly Heights Coasters. These are great for holiday entertaining and if a little tippling won't drive the recession blues away, these will bring a smile to the face. (USD$9)

Christmas Cookies from Polka Dot Cookies and Cakes. They are pretty and well decorated. These are sure to please children and the child in you. (AUD$38 per jar)

Mozi Sicilian Orange and Cinnamon Candle. Everyone loves sitting around with a burning scented candle, especially so when it smells like Christmas (burns for 40hours). Sure to set the mood right in any Christmas Cheer lacking home. (AUD$34.95)

Green Elf Striped Stocking from Papier D'Amour.  This stocking is a fair trade product from Armenia. It helps the artisans to develop sustainable income for them and their families. Besides, hanging a sock out, keeps Santa in business too. (AUD$75)

The Pièce de Résistance is this "Paris" Christmas cake from Ladurée. This dessert topped with a dark chocolate effiel, the cake is fleur de sel flavoured caramel and covered in
chocolate caramel mousse. It's a dream come true (at least for me). (Feeds 4, EUR52. Feeds 6 to 7, EUR84).

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