Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Wreathes.

Christmas is around the corner. Been thinking whether to hang a wreath on the door or not. It's tempting to make my own, but I am afraid that there isn't much time left for crafting it. Then there is the other question, if I were to get a wreath, what sort would it be? Fresh flower wreathes are breathtaking but they don't last in our climate. If I had to buy one, which one would I consider? Definitely nothing cliche.

Here are some that I did consider.

Driftwood Wreath By Karen Miller. It is partly made from recycled materials, looks festive, yet organic (to some extent). Sold by Devon Driftwood Designs. Be warned, going "green" doesn't come cheap. (55cm dia for GBP205)

Frosted Cone Wreath By The White Company. This reminds me of autumn in a subtle kind of way. (41cm dia now for GBP17.13)

Meribel Bell Wreath by Habitat in plum and tarnish. Why not ring in the Christmas season with a petit wreath made of bells? Isn't this just the perfect wreath for witty hosts? (25cm dia for GBP25)

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