Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Additions.

I love going through ebay to find stuff. They have almost every other thing that you might want. A few months ago, I bought 2 yards of Waverly fabric in Cameo at a steal. Finally, they have been made  into 2 cushions and a seat cover. They look great resting on the sofa.

There are a few new additions at home which I love and I'd like to share it with you.

The two new cushions on the sofa. I think they match well.

A close-up of the cushion. The cushions have a cream silk edge trimming. The back of the cushions are also in the same cream silk. It is stuffed with down making it more luxurious.

The same print made into a cushion cover for the rattan armchair.

A close up view of the cushion cover.

A Roberts RIC-1 Radio, August 1968. This is the first British radio to utilise an integrated circuit, from an era when Roberts were equated with quality products. I bought this through ebay. it has a lovely leather and wood finishing.

Click to expand the picture. The radio indicates the radio stations by their district. Eg, London 4, Lyons, Vienna, etc.

An old photograph, reprinted. This was bought for my husband (through ebay as well) of the old fashioned motor races. This car and sidecar were produced by BMW.

The new cushion cover for the guest room by Jim Thompson. I love the lovely velvet cutouts and texture of the fabric.

A close-up of the Jim Thompson fabric.

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