Sunday, September 7, 2008

White Washed.

As we inch closer to the end, the painters decided to come in to white wash the ceilings and the new doors on a sunday. We got there early to unlock the door for them to start. As usual, they were late. There must be something in the contractors' handbook about never starting work on time. It is as though it were built into their systems to be tardy. Anyway after waiting for 45mins, we decided to go to Tanglin Halt to have YC's favourite vegetarian bee hoon.  When we got back after brunch, the missing workers have started to work on the doors.

As you can see in the pictures, they looked great. It was worth the wait.
The kitchen door.
The master bedroom's and guest room's door.
The common bathroom's door taken from the inside.


Evian said...

Hey sis!

Ohh.. i loved the doors and door knobs! There's this classic touch to it.

I was at PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance the other day, and was thinking their setting at the corridor in the toilet area is really today when i read your blog, i was like - wow! your corridor and doors gave me that same feel!

Cant wait to check out your place. =)

Looking forward to it!

CK said...

Oooh nice doors. Color scheme works really well with the styling of the doors.