Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday at the Block.

Ever wondered how much can be accomplished in one Saturday morning?  Being over ambitious, I was determined to complete the guest room for our night's stay at our new place. Since we were going to be there for the day, I had also arranged the fridge, washer, dryer, hood, curtains and ikea furniture to be delivered.  

Here are some pictures of our finished guest room. Very lovely, only missing a side console and some artwork.

Many thanks to Denise and my hubby dearest for helping to clean up. The place is so much cleaner and neater.

We can't wait to move in! 5 days more!

The completed guest room.
Our Hemnes wardrobe and laundry bin.
The single bed by the linen roman blinds. The material for the blinds were from ebay.
I've changed the knobs of the wardrobe to these by Anthropologie.
The curtain guy hanging the mustard yellow curtains. 
The dining chairs and rattan arm chairs in the living room.
Our finished master bathroom console.

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