Friday, September 12, 2008

Packing and Having a Dingwall Moment.

Lots of packing to be done. I have a tonne of things. Packing can be a nightmare especially when packing the fragile items. I am taking with me, my dad's set of china. Packing them is especially tedious as you want to be as careful as possible, so not to break anything.

Have you ever met a person and thought she's not everything you wished you had, nothing really wrong with her and yet you are not sure if you can love her? I just had that Dingwall moment. The carpenters installed my kitchen wrongly. The top hung cabinets were high gloss white as with the bifold doors and the bottom cabinets. It doesn't look ugly. In fact, the white makes it look pretty. I kept asking myself if I could bring myself to love them eventually. Then the contractors wouldn't need to change them and waste their hard work. Unfortunately for them, I just couldn't. It isn't what I wanted. The poor carpenters had to take down the doors of the cabinets and bring them back. What colour or pattern were they supposed to be? Next week, all will be revealed.

Boxes sitting in the living room.
Boxes in the store room.
The colour of the guest room.
The master bedroom walls painted.

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