Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Importance of Details.

As we draw near to the end of the renovations, it makes me a tat sad and excited. Sad that all these would be soon over ( I love the whole process of renovating, would love it better if I could build a house from scratch) and excited because a new chapter of our lives is about to begin. 

Over the last two days, the carpenter, shower screen professionals, electricians and the door professionals were around to put up the custom made (shower and room) doors, install the kitchen (cabinets and electrical outlets) and laminate the remaining parts of the wardrobe. When we went over to take a peek, we were amazed. Even though the doors were incomplete (as in not painted), they looked great with the glass door knobs which I bought from Anthropologie, online. 

Can't wait to move in but first, there is a lot of packing to be done and we have only packed 9 boxes. There is so much more to go.
The half dusty cantilever shelf in the kitchen for display items, cookbooks or a radio.
The locking mechanism for our master bathroom and kitchen's bi-fold doors.
The push-pull bar for the shower screen in the master bathroom.
The unpainted doors flanking the corridor. They looks great.
The guest room's door taken from the inside of the room.
A side profile of our glass globe door knob. The bedrooms have the same door knobs.

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wan lin said...

*beams* pretty pretty!! I like the door knobs. They look like crystal balls. Hur hur... I sound like a bimbo but I don't care. :) -mei mei