Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Almost Done.

Plagued with diarrhea and nausea, I pulled myself out of bed to get down to our new home to inspect the place. I had been informed earlier that my contractor was bringing someone through to show off his handiwork to some potential clients. Just as I walked in, I noticed the older "out-of-town" couple. Think they are Indonesians. The couple asked me about how prompt they kept to the schedule, and how they were as contractors, etc. Then they made a strange comment," I love your place. Very young and fresh." Got me thinking, I thought I was trying to do the old fashioned european look not fresh, young and contemporary. The remark made me more ill than the stomach flu.

Our front door adorned with a door knocker and a letter slot.
Our door knocker mounted.
Our dummy paper slot.
The kitchen with the antique lamps mounted.
The common bathroom mirror.
A South African chair that I bought off an expat which was in her husband's family for years. The seat is woven with leather and the weaving technique is called reaming which is of one of the South African tribe. Love pieces with history. This was a steal at $35.

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